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Tarizon: The Liberator by William Manchee

I have to admit to not reading a whole lot of science fiction books, but I just absolutely love Manchee's books featuring Tarizon.  I had read a couple of his Stan Turner mysteries that featured this storyline and was thrilled to read a story from Stan's son Peter's point of view.  This book picks up with Peter's kidnapping, and I enjoyed getting to experience Tarizon and this new world through Peter's eyes as he experienced it and had to figure out this new world for himself.  The book is full of plenty of action and suspense as Peter is thrust into the middle of a civil war, but the book also shows the importance of friendship as Peter is introduced to the different races of Tarizon.  The book captures your attention from the very beginning and never lets go.  Overall The Liberator was an enjoyable read that I can not recommend enough.


Received a copy of Tarizon: The Liberator from the author in exchange for an honest review.