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The Raider by Monica McCarty

The Raider is the first book that I have read by McCarty, and I found that I really enjoyed it.  McCarty captured my attention from the very beginning with the first meeting of Robbie and Rosalin.  This meeting changes the lives of both characters when they meet again and discover that Rosalin is the sister of Robbie's enemy.  Rosalin is very well developed throughout the book, and I loved that her ideals remained with her even as she was tested again and again.  Robbie is also well developed as his character comes to terms with his past and his future.  The Raider was a compelling read that kept me anxiously turning the pages waiting to see what happens next.  Overall The Raider was a fabulous read that I would definitely recommend, and I look forward to reading this author again.


Received a copy of The Raider through LibraryThing in exchange for an honest review.