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Fireblood by Jeff Wheeler

Fireblood proved to be a compelling read that really grabbed my attention from the beginning and never let go.  Wheeler does a really good job with his world building, and I really liked how he brought together these very different characters who normally wouldn't associate and give them a common mission.  However it is the characters that really made this book so compelling.  With different backgrounds and shifting alliances, this group should have been doomed for failure, but Wheeler does a great job at giving his characters their motivations and underneath that common goals.  I really liked how these characters ended up coming together and felt that each of the leads were very well developed.  Wheeler also did a really great job at surprising me with the shifting alliances and the different twists and turns.  Overall Fireblood was a great read that I would definitely recommend.  I am looking forward to seeing where Wheeler takes these characters in the next book.


Received a copy of Fireblood through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.