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Vengeance Follows by Scott Lax

Lax does an amazing job at setting up a compelling storyline of a happy couple torn apart by the death of one as a result of a tumor. However the story doesn't end there as Sam gets to put a face to the man who he and Sophie's doctor are convinced caused her death all these years later after the man brutally assaulted Sophie as a young woman. On his quest for vengeance, Sam undertakes a journey that takes him across the world and into the lives of several characters. It is the characters created by Lax that really make this story work because each character puts their own stamp on Sam's journey of healing. Lax takes what could be a simple quest of revenge and turns it into so much more. While each of these characters change Sam's life, he also changes theirs. Overall Vengeance Follows is a compelling read that I would most definitely recommend.

Received a copy of Vengeance Follows through LibraryThing in exchange for an honest review.