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Betrayal of Trust by J.A. Jance

Jance's Betrayal of Trust was a powerful read that brings attention to the issue of teen bullying.  Beaumont is brought into the case when the Governor finds what looks like a snuff film on her step grandson's cell phone, but the case takes a turn when the step grandson commits suicide and the girl in the film turns up dead.  Beaumont and Mel find themselves embroiled in a case of privileged teens vs. underprivileged teens and a prank that goes horribly wrong.  Jance does a great job at bringing attention to the issue of teen bullying and really makes the reader care about the two victims of this horrible prank.  I also liked how Jance tied this story into Beaumont's past since he has a history with the Governor and because of his past coming back in the form of some long lost relatives.  Betrayal of Trust is another excellent installment of Jance's Beaumont series, and I would definitely recommend this book.  I look forward to reading more of Jance's work.