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The Knight's Temptress by Amanda Scott

The Knight's Temptress is the first book that I have read by Scott, and I found that I really enjoyed it.  I usually don't read a whole lot of romance without paranormal elements in it so I am usually selective about the ones I do chose to read.  This book appealed to me because I was looking for a good Scottish romance, and Scott definitely delivered that in this book.  Scott has created two memorable characters in Ian and Lina making it easy to root for this couple.  I also liked the secondary characters that she introduces as well.  Scott does a great job at combining action, adventure, romance, and even some humor into a wonderfully romantic read that proved hard to put down.  I look forward to checking out more books in this series as well as other works by this author.  If you are looking for a great romantic Scottish love story, then you will definitely want to check out this book.


Received a copy of The Knight's Temptress through Goodreads in exchange for an honest review.