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Hot Shots Anthology

I am a fan of anthologies because I like being introduced to new authors, and with Hot Shots I was introduced to two authors that I hadn't read before and got to enjoy one author that I had enjoyed in the past.  Hot Shots features three steamy tales of seduction with firemen as a common theme.  I really enjoyed how each author took the fireman theme and put their own spin on it.  Each story was well written with well developed characters considering the length of each story, and I thought that each author did a great job developing the plot as well.  I think that each story complimented the others and did a great job at giving the reader three exciting, erotic tales of fantasy.  Now I hadn't read works by Marsh and LaFleur before, but I enjoyed both stories so I am definitely interested in checking out their other works.  I have read Kennedy before and really enjoyed her work so I wasn't surprised to have enjoyed "Five-Alarm Masquerade."  Overall Hot Shots was a great read that I would recommend if you are looking for some hot sexy stories to escape into.


Received a copy of Hot Shots through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.