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Forsaken by Jacquelyn Frank

Forsaken is the first book that I have read by Frank, and I really enjoyed it.  Since this book is the first one that I have read in this series, it took me a little bit to familiarize myself with Frank's world and characters, but Frank does a good job at catching up new readers by thrusting them right into the middle of the action.  Leo is recovering from a brutal assault and is distrustful of his friends, but when his friend, Jackson, is injured he doesn't think twice about stepping in to help.  Faith goes with Leo on his mission to help his friend, and both characters learn that despite their differences they make a good team.  I liked how Frank didn't shy away from showing Jackson dealing with the fallout of his attack, and I liked how she tied his budding relationship with Faith with his healing.  Frank does an amazing job with the development of her two main characters, and she also introduces some great secondary characters that capture the reader's attention and interest.  Overall Forsaken was a great read that I would definitely recommend if you are looking for a great paranormal romance.  I look forward to reading more from this author.


Received a copy of Forsaken through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.