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Killing Cupid by Laura Levine

Killing Cupid is the first full length Jaine Austen adventure that I have read having just read two short novellas previously, and I found that I really, really enjoyed the book.  It has been a long time since I have found a new series that had me laughing out loud as much as this one has done.  I just love how Levine combines humor with her mystery which made Killing Cupid such a fun read.  Levine has created some very memorable and funny characters in Jaine, Prozac, Lance, Jaine's parents, and the wonderful host of characters connected to the book's mystery.  Jaine is a very relatable character which made her so enjoyable, and I liked how Levine added in the antics of Jaine's parents as well.  The book was full of many twists and turns as well as a number of suspects to keep the mystery lover happy, and the book had plenty of humor as well.  I definitely plan on checking out more books in this series.  If you are looking for a great Valentine's Day mystery, then Killing Cupid is definitely the book for you.


Received a copy of Killing Cupid through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.