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The Litter of the Law by Rita Mae Brown

I have read several books in Brown's Mrs. Murphy series although not in order, and The Litter of the Law proved to be another wonderful addition to the series.  I always enjoy returning to the world of Harry, Mrs. Murphy, Pewter, Tucker, and the other wonderful characters of Crozet, and this book proved to be another fine adventure.  I absolutely love how Brown takes her animal characters and brings them to life and gives them not just a personality of their own but also their own voice.  This series is the perfect fit for any cozy mystery fan who happens to be an animal lover as well.  Brown delivers an intriguing mystery full of many twists and turns that keeps the reader guessing in The Litter of the Law.   I also enjoy how the author brings in history and knowledge of farming into the story.  Overall The Litter of the Law was a great read and another wonderful addition to one of my favorite series.


Received a copy of The Litter of the Law through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.