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Freezer I'll Shoot by Victoria Hamilton

Freezer I'll Shoot is the first book that I have read by Hamilton, and I really enjoyed it.  Hamilton does a great job with her world building creating both a small community of colorful characters on Heartbreak Island and also some great characters on the mainland.  One reason I love reading cozies is the settings and communities that you would like to visit, and Heartbreak Island despite the murder seems like a great place.  Hamilton sets up a good mystery with Urban having a major scuffle in front of the main character and a host of suspects, and having Jaymie find the body in her own backyard gives her the incentive to solve this mystery.  Full of many twists and turns Freezer I'll Shoot provides the reader with a compelling mystery that will keep them guessing.  Hamilton also does a great job with her character development really making the reader invest in these characters like Jaymie, Sammy, Ruby, Daniel, and Zach.  The book also has the hint of a romantic triangle which leads to some humorous family events that only add to the story.  Overall Freezer I'll Shoot was a great read that I would most definitely recommend to any reader who enjoys a fun read, an enjoyable setting, compelling characters, and learning about vintage recipes and tools.  I look forward to reading another book in Hamilton's Jaymie series.


Received a copy of Freezer I'll Shoot from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.