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Entwined by Kristin Callihan

Entwined is the first work that I have read by Callihan, and after reading it I had to wonder what took me so long to give this author a chance.  Entwined was an amazing read full of humor, intrigue, romance, and even a hint of the supernatural.  Callihan did an amazing job at developing her characters and storyline very well considering that this was only a short story.  Eamon and Lu were both intriguing characters each with secrets of their own.  I really enjoyed how Callihan had them fall in love through their letters to each other, and then the fun really started when they met in person.  The story is full of many twists and turns, and I found it impossible to put down.  Overall this story was an amazing read, and I would most definitely recommend it to both new and old readers of Callihan.  I also have to say that I will definitely be checking out the other books and stories in this series.


Received a copy of Entwined through Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.