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Four Summoner's Tales

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to read and review Four Summoner's Tales, and I found it to be an enjoyable read.  Prior to reading this anthology, I was only familiar with Armstrong's writing which is the reason the anthology appealed to me in the first place.  However I tend to favor reading anthologies as a chance to "meet" new authors, and this set of tales does a great job at giving the reader a glimpse of some great storytelling.  Armstrong's "Suffer the Children" does what I have come to expect from her work with great character development, a suspenseful tale, a writing style that really draws the reader in, and an entertaining read.  Golden's "Pipers" delivered a compelling tale that begins with the heartbreak of loss that turns into the thread of hope and then into a nightmare.  Golden does a great job at tugging at the heartstrings making you feel his characters’ pain and justifies their actions with their hope of being reunited with their loved ones.  I really enjoyed his writing style and his ability to draw the reader in.  Liss’s “A Bad Season for Necromancy" also proved to be a chilling tale that unlike the two previous tales gives a glimpse into the summoner rather than the person being affected by the summoning.  Making his main character not your typical hero but rather a con man out for himself was an interesting take.  Liss does a great job at developing his main character and giving the reader his motivations as he tries to con the woman he loves.  When that turns bad, Liss does a great job at surprising the reader with another twist of events.  I really loved how Liss continues to surprise the reader until the story's chilling conclusion.  I have to admit that Maberry's "Alive Day” was the one story I struggled with.  It said at the beginning that these characters were from his previous works but that previous knowledge wasn't needed to enjoy this story.  The story was good and entertaining, but I didn't get the character development from this one like the other three works.  I personally didn't get the same connection to these characters as I did from the other stories, but overall I did enjoy his story.  The entire anthology was a really enjoyable read that I would most definitely recommend.  I loved the overall theme of a summoner and the effects of what can happen, and I think each author did a great job at providing an entertaining tale.


Received a copy of Four Summoner's Tales through Net Galley in exchange for an honest review