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Letters From a Murderer by John Matthews

Letters From a Murderer is an exciting read full of many twists and turns putting an interesting spin on the Jack the Ripper murders.  Matthews does a great job with his world building drawing the reader into New York in 1891.  His attention to detail is superb and the reader gets a really good feel for the period.  The two main characters, Argenti and Jameson, are both developed really well and prove to be the perfect partners to solve this case and begin a friendship that will hopefully endure into another adventure.  This case brings up painful moments from the past for both detectives, and I enjoyed how Matthews tied what was currently happening to what had happened in their past.  Both characters really grow during the course of the investigation, and their two differing detecting styles really compliment each other.  I also really enjoyed the secondary characters of Lawrence and Ellie.  They both really added to the overall story.  The book's main mystery is well done full of suspense as well as many twists and turns.  I also liked how Matthews complicated matters for the investigation with interference from an outside party.  Overall this book proved to be a great read that I would most definitely recommend for any mystery enthusiast.  I am definitely hoping to see another adventure with Argenti and Jameson.


Received a copy of Letters From a Murder through Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.