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A Deadly Brew by Lynn Cahoon

A Deadly Brew was another exciting adventure in Cahoon's Tourist Trap mystery series. Jill, her boyfriend, Greg, and a group of their friends decide to do something special for Halloween. They decide to spend the weekend locked in a "haunted" house that will soon be condemned. The adventure starts out pretty normal until strange things start to happen that make Jill and her friends think the place really is haunted.


Cahoon does a great job at setting up a spooky tale that is perfect for the Halloween season or at any time of the year. Jill learns a little more about herself when the house's ghost chooses her to communicate her dilemma. Despite being a shorter story, Cahoon delivers an exciting tale that captures the reader's interest from the very beginning and never lets go. Overall A Deadly Brew is a great read that I would definitely recommend, and I am looking forward to reading Jill's next adventure.


Received a copy of A Deadly Brew through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.