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The Girl Who Knew Too Much by Amanda Quick

The Girl Who Knew Much is another excellent adventure from Quick.  Irene finds herself fleeing for her life when she finds her employer dead and ends up in Hollywood.  Making friends as well as enemies goes with the territory for Hollywood's newest reporter, but when Irene finds her second dead body she finds herself thrust in the middle of a second mystery.  Irene along with new partner Oliver who has a few secrets of his own find themselves trying to stop not one but two killers before they strike again.


Quick does a great job at making both Irene and Oliver compelling characters that the reader can't help but root for.  In developing the characters' new partnership, Quick also allows both characters to deal with the ghosts of their past.  I also liked the secondary characters in the story such as Luke, Oliver's friend, as well as Oliver's unique staff from his days as a magician.  I always love when books have great secondary characters as well as the leads because it makes the overall story more enjoyable.  The book combines mystery, intrigue, romance, adventure, and some humor making for a very enjoyable read.  I also enjoyed how Quick resolved both major mysteries giving the reader enough twists and turns to keep the reader engaged.  Overall The Girl Who Knew Too Much was a great read that I would most definitely recommend.


Received a copy of The Girl Who Knew Too Much from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.