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Grant Theft Retro by Diane Vallere

Grand Theft Retro is the newest installment in Vallere's Style and Error mystery series, and it is just as much fun and action packed as the previous books in the series that I have read.  Samantha is now at her new job working for an online fashion magazine when her boss decides that they need to make a print edition as well.  Samantha finds herself partnered with a new co-worker, and when this co-worker tries to shut Samantha out she finds herself in the middle of a complex mystery.


I absolutely love how Vallere combines humor with her action, suspense, and mystery.  There were some great humorous situations throughout the book that really made me laugh and helped add to the overall story.  I absolutely love the cast of secondary characters like Nick, Eddie, Detective Loncar, and even Logan the cat which also made the story better.  Samantha is well developed in the book, and I think her adventures in this story made her come to some self realizations that will be explored possibly in the future since she started to understand why she does certain things and why she reacts certain ways.  The book's main mystery is well done full of enough twists and turns to keep the reader guessing.  Overall Grand Theft Retro proved to be a great read that I would most definitely recommend.  I look forward to checking out Samantha's next adventure.


Received a copy of Grand Theft Retro from the author in exchange for an honest review.