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Fogged Inn by Barbara Ross

Fogged Inn is the second book that I have read in Ross's Maine Clambake mystery series, and I have to say that I enjoyed this one just as much as I enjoyed the first one.  I had read book one in this series for my mystery book club so I was happy to have the chance to enjoy another Julia adventure.  Now that tourist season is over, Julia and Chris are operating a dinner restaurant sharing space with Gus who handles the morning and afternoon diners.  When a man is found murdered in the building's freezer after Julia and Chris locked up for the night, a crazy murder mystery ensues. 


I really enjoy the Maine setting and descriptions in this series.  Ross does a great job at making her setting make the reader feel right at home and gives them the sense of what it is like living in her small town.  Julia finds herself getting to see a different of the side of the town she grew up in as she finds out about the group of people who were at the restaurant right before the murder happened.  Julia is a well developed character in this book continuing to feel more at ease now that she moved back home permanently, is in a serious relationship, and starting a new endeavor in the off season.  Julia and Chris face some stress in their relationship when Julia decides to find out who the killer is.  Fogged Inn has many great twists and turns keeping the reader engaged right from the beginning until the end.  Overall Fogged Inn was a great read that I would most definitely recommend.  I am looking forward to checking out Ross's next book in this series.


Received a copy of Fogged Inn through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.