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Dark Heart of Magic by Jennifer Estep

Estep's Dark Heart of Magic is yet another exciting read in her Black Blade series.  I have to say that I haven't read an Estep book that I haven't absolutely loved, and this book is no different.  Lila finds herself volunteered for the Tournament of Blades representing the Sinclair family, and as she faces the challenges of the tournament Lila also is trying to solve two mysteries (who is killing magical monsters and what is Victor Draconi up to).  These mysteries keep Lila on her toes as she tries to win the tournament despite the different obstacles thrown her way.

Dark Heart of Magic is a fast paced adventure that captures the reader's interest from the very beginning and never lets go.  I love how Estep combines action, adventure, suspense, drama, and mystery keeping the reader engaged anxious to see what happens next.  Lila is very well developed in this second book building upon what happened in book one by letting Lila allow the other characters in whereas before she tried to keep them at arm's length.  I liked how Lila is becoming more of a member of the Sinclair family and becoming stronger for it.  Overall Dark Heart of Magic is an amazing read that I would most definitely recommend both to young adults as well as adults because Estep is such a great storyteller.  I am looking forward to checking out Lila's next adventure.


Received a copy of Dark Heart of Magic through NetGalley for an honest review.