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A Ghostly Murder by Tonya Kappes

A Ghostly Murder is the first book that I have read in this particular series although it is not the first book that I have read and enjoyed by Kappes having enjoyed one of her other series.  Despite being book four in the series, I was able to read and enjoy it without having read any of the others although now I want to go back and check the others out.  Emma Lee owns a funeral home with her sister that has been in her family for years, and currently the two sisters are having some financial difficulties with the family business.  So while Emma Lee is supposed to be working hard for paying clients she gets caught up in the murder mystery by a ghost client that only she can see.  Emma Lee is determined to discover who killed Mamie Sue and solve this murder.


Kappes does a great job at combining humor, mystery, the paranormal, and even some romance with A Ghostly Murder.  Emma Lee is a well developed main character, and I liked seeing her have some family/romantic conflict while she was trying to solve this mystery.  These conflicts with her sister/grandmother about the family business and with her love interest over the future of their relationship only made the stakes higher for Emma Lee and added to the book's central story.  The secondary characters are also another excellent addition making the story more enjoyable and giving the story some humor.  The book's mystery is well done with many twists and turns keeping the reader guessing.  Overall A Ghostly Murder was a great read that I would most definitely recommend.  I look forward to checking out another one of Emma Lee's adventures.


Received a copy of A Ghostly Murder through Edelweiss in exchange for a honest review.