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Bones Never Lie by Kathy Reichs

It has been a while since I had read a book in this series, and despite jumping ahead quite a bit from where I left off I was able to jump right into this one.  In Bones Never Lie, Temperance not only has to deal with a hard case of missing young girls and a villain from her past, but she also has her own personal relationships to deal with as well.  Reichs does a great job at making the stakes higher for Temperance by having her mother facing a health crisis as well as pushing her relationship with Andrew into new territory.  I liked seeing how Temperance tried to respect Andrew's grief and the fact that he didn't want to return to work while at the same time pushing him into this case so they could both put the past to rest.  Reichs does a great job with her development of the main characters, but I also love her secondary characters as well since they add so much to the story.  Overall the mystery was well done full of many twists and turns, and I would definitely recommend this book if you are looking for a good mystery.  I am really looking forward to reading the next book in the series.


Received a copy of Bones Never Lie Through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.