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Sun God Seeks ...Surrogate? by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

I haven't read anything by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff before so I wasn't sure exactly what to expect, but what Pamfiloff delivers is a humor filled, action packed, romantic read that keeps the reader eagerly turning the pages.  Despite not being the first book in the series, I was quickly able to catch up on what was happening, and while I think this book can be read out of order I think that reading previous books would add to the experience.  Both Penelope and Nick are well developed in the book, and I enjoyed the journey both characters took in the story.  I also really loved all the secondary characters introduced especially Cimil.  I do have one warning about this book though and that is that it ends with a cliffhanger so expect to want to continue the series to see what happens next.  Overall Sun God Seeks ...Surrogate? was a fun read that proves to be a great paranormal romance.  If you are looking for adventure, action, and romance mixed in with gods, the paranormal, and humor then this is the book for you.  I am looking forward to checking out more works by this author.


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