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Cold Burn of Magic by Jennifer Estep

I have to say that so far I haven't come across a Jennifer Estep book that I haven't absolutely loved, and Cold Burn of Magic is definitely no exception.  At times reading this book, I felt the familiar pull of her other series (Elemental Assassin) which is a good thing, but this book and world definitely stands on its own.  I loved the main characters especially Lila who did remind me a little of Gin, and I really liked how Estep kept you guessing Lila's backstory giving up little bits throughout the book.  The other characters are also developed fairly well, and Estep definitely leaves it open for future books.  Cold Burn of Magic has action, adventure, cool abilities, family drama, and sets up a future war between the families.  Overall Cold Burn of Magic was an amazing read that I would most definitely recommend not just for young adults but adults as well.  I don't read a whole lot of young adult fiction, but this series has definitely proven itself to be must read for any age.


Received a copy of Cold Burn of Magic through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.