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A Curse Awakened by Cecy Robson

I haven't read Robson's Weird Girls series yet so I was excited to have the opportunity to read this story to see what the series was like.  A Curse Awakened proved to be a great introduction to the series immediately grabbing the reader's attention.  For a novella, A Curse Awakened had a lot of action as well as a lot going on.  There were two stories going on (Danny's father being in danger and trying to undo the curse), and both plots were handled very well and given the right amount of attention.  The main characters were not as developed as I would have liked, but since this is just a novella I think the author did a great job at getting the reader interested enough to move onto the full length books in the series.  Overall A Curse Awakened proved to be a great read, and I look forward to reading another book in this series.


Received a copy of A Curse Awakened through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.